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As you’ve seen in the video above, I’ve been able to lose a lot of body fat, particularly around my stomach and build muscle quickly. A couple of months ago I hadn’t heard of Vince Del Monte, but now I’m definitely a fan of his, and so is my wife!

The program will suit most people’s goals. If your goal is to use strength training for weight loss or to build muscle mass fast or to get a ripped stomach or even just to improve your overall fitness, Vince’s training program will work for you.

Strictly speaking you won’t actually lose weight with strength training, what you will lose is body fat. Lifting weights will increase, not decrease your body mass. So let me rephrase the first question. Do you want to tone your body and reduce your body fat, or do you want to simply build muscle quick?

If you want to simply tone your body, you’ll want to do lots of reps with lighter weights, whereas building your muscle mass fast, you’ll want a program that uses heavier weights and high intensity workouts. Lifting heavier weights places your muscles under more stress, and the higher intensity of the workout will grow your muscles much more quickly. One of the key things I learn’t from Vince is which are the best exercises for targetting each muscle group … knowing this makes a big difference to how quickly you can build your muscle, plus I now understand the need for high intensity workouts and a controlled calorie intake.

What else did I learn?

Well whatever your strength training goal, you’ll want to work the whole of your body. It’s important to train all of your major muscle groups for optimum results. Working your biggest muscles will burn off the most calories. So to burn fat or build muscle, you need to work your biggest muscle groups first, and work down to your smaller ones. Plus increasing your intensity every time you train is crucial for rapid muscle growth.

 To reduce your body fat, ideally you should combine your strength training with cardio work outs. When building muscle mass the cardio element is less important, instead your emphasis should be on high intensity, highly loaded strength routines that focus on building the main muscle groups.

What I really learnt a lot about through the program, is nutrition and diet, and the vital importance of eating the right things at the right times if you really want to build muscle and lose your body fat. The meal plans that come with the course are excellent, as is Vince’s explanation of why different foods make such a big difference to your results.

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The important points to take on board when muscle building, are to avoid over training, target each muscle group with specific high intensity exercises and to eat the right things! All three of these areas are the ones where amateurs make the biggest mistakes.

You should only train each muscle group once they’ve fully recovered,  and eat the right foods before and after training. Following a high intensity workout, you need to allow time for your muscle tissue to recover and grow stronger. If you don’t, it will remain “broken down” and you’ll see no development of your physique.

Vince’s muscle gaining tips really work, you’ve seen the evidence in my video above. You will grow stronger much quicker when you follow his high intensity training workouts, they’ve certainly worked for me. It’s difficult to stop yourself over training. We’re brought up to believe that more training is better, but with body building it’s not. Focusing on higher quality training is definitely better and far more effective at producing quick growth.

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Vince’s rules work for me, and they’ve worked for thousands of others. If you’d like to learn more about which are the most effective exercises to use for specific muscle groups, and to learn about diet and nutrition, take a look at Vince Del Monte’s site and get his Muscle Building program, it’s simply the best on the net, and will teach you the most effective ways to build muscle quick.

I’ve seen great results in just a few weeks, now I’ve lost the a lot of my belly fat (and there was a lot), my next aim is to concentrate on getting a six pack to be proud of!

Originally I was looking for a free program when I googled “muscle building tips”. I’m so pleased I decided to part with my cash and buy his program, it’s been well worth it … if you don’t believe me … ask my wife! (Oh and remember … he is also offering a 21 trial as well …)

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